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Services and Charges

A full, detailed list of the latest fees for civil marriage or civil partnership ceremonies, Child-naming and Vow/Commitment Renewal ceremonies, can be obtained from the Registrar at Coldstream Registration Office.

Capacity - 90 people

Charges vary according to your preferred day (which can be any day including Sunday) and time.

All charges include: Room Hire (22.00 per hour), Registrar Fees, the writing of your Ceremony and Marriage/Civil Partnership Notices, your Marriage/ Civil Partnership Extract or commemorative certificate (where appropriate).

Please note that if you wish to secure the services of the Registrar for a civil ceremony on a day more than 3 months in advance, there is an extra 35.00 (non-refundable and non-deductible) charge. It is advisable to book the Marriage Room at the same time.

You will be guaranteed access to the Marriage Room half an hour prior to the ceremony so that you can set up flowers, photographic equipment etc. Should you require the Marriage Room for a longer period, charges will be made on an individual request basis.


Absolutely no alcohol is permitted in the Marriage Room prior to the ceremony. However, you are permitted to serve a reception drink (sherry, white wine or champagne) immediately after the ceremony in the Marriage Room. Should you wish to take up this service, there will be a further charge for the use of the room. We can put you in touch with a local provider, who will give you further details. The cost of the reception drink and the serving of it is your responsibility.

There are one or two beautiful outdoor locations in and around Coldstream where couples have "tied the knot".  Please contact the Registrar to discuss this.


Pricing Structure as from January 1st 2016

Civil Marriages and Civil Partnerships 

In Office Hours (Wednesdays 10.00am - 3.30pm):
125.00 + 22.00 room hire = 147.00
Outwith Office Hours:
Monday - Friday before 5 pm: 207.00 + 22.00 room hire = 229.00
Saturday before 5 pm: 249.00 +22.00 room hire = 271.00
Monday Saturday after 5 pm: 274.00 + 22.00 room hire = 296.00
Sunday, Public Holidays, Christmas/New Year period: 311.50 + 22.00 room hire = 333.50 

Naming & Renewal Ceremonies 

In Office Hours (Wednesday 10.00am - 3.30pm)
125.00 + 22.00 room hire = 147.00
Outwith Office Hours:
Monday - Friday before 5 pm: 125 + 22.00 room hire = 147.00
Monday Friday after 5 pm: 137.50 +22.00 room hire = 159.50                                         
Saturday (any time):  137.50 +22.00 room hire = 159.50                 Sunday, Public Holidays, Christmas/New Year period: 165.00 + 22.00 room hire = 187.00 

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